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A Supportive Hug
Support Group Meeting

Spiritual Tool Kit

A peer led self-care support group, where each individual's faith is encouraged as a tool for recovery, emotional health and spiritual growth.


As a teenager coming from a immigrant family and being raised by both working parents, with minimum supervision and lack of access for community programs and confronting bullying every day at school, I started smoking, drinking and hanging out with the wrong crowd. This was the road I took for a few years until one day in the corner of Slauson Ave and Atlantic Blvd, I looked up to the heavens and cried out to God and said," If you really exist set me free from all of these things" and in the same day I stared having withdrawal symptoms and never again felt the need or desire to drink or smoke. 

Before I forget, I wasn't raised in any faith, church or tradition. My parents never went to church, this is where my spiritual journey started. The beginning to rebuild my life, to transform my mind and heart. Trought the years I have faced challenges, loss, depression and anxiety, but I found comfort and hope when I found out that throughout the Bible " My sacred book" stories of prophets who overcame depression, desire to die, grief and loss among other situations and how their faith and relationship with the creator and higher power helped them become resilient, and free of shame. Our goal is that you may be empowered, find the support to self-care and achieve and maintain a clear path for your wellbeing and peace of mind. 

Special gratitude to Dr. Charles Suhayda for all his work creating this Self-Care spiritual Tool Kit. 

Pastor. Christian Ponciano

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